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2017Adaptation of a business model to Russian business environment: A case study of MenardБогданова Мария Андреевна; Bogdanova Mariia
2017Capture of Competitive Advantages by Russian and International Audit Companies: the Case of Russian MarketГулецкий Андрей Андреевич; Guletckii  Andrei
2017Critical Success Factors in European Football Industry: the Resource-Based View PerspectiveБабаев Анвар Аскарович; Babaev Anvar
2018Determinants of Female Entrepreneurship: Evidence From GEM DataХлибык Алина Алексеевна; Khlibyk Alina
2018Determinants of Improvement-Driven Opportunity Entrepreneurship: Cross-Regional AnalysisМедведева Елизавета Андреевна; Medvedeva Elizaveta
2016The effects of M&A deals on the company performance: The case of oil and gas industryКрасноруцкая Юлия Вячеславовна; Krasnorutckaia Iuliia
2017Entry strategy of Fix Price for the market of ArmeniaМустафаев Азер Арзу оглы; Mustafaev Azer
2017Factors Affecting Category Management Performance in Russian FMCG sectorМельник Галина Александровна; Melnik Galina
2018The Influence of Institutional Environment on Internationalization of SMEs at Different Lifecycle StagesАстафьева Анастасия Дмитриевна; Astafeva Anastasiia
2017Influence of Institutional Environment on Opportunity-Motivated Entrepreneurs: Evidence From GEM DateКудевич Мария Алексеевна; Kudevich Maria
2018The Influence of the Institutional Environment on Adapting Strategies of International Companies in RussiaЖильцова Алена Николаевна; Zhiltsova Alyona
2018The Influence of the Institutional Environment on Youth Entrepreneurial ActivityЖивотов Павел Алексеевич; Zhivotov Pavel
2018Use of Simulation Methods in a Company’s Short-Term Financial Planning: the Case of SME’sБелов Александр Андреевич; Belov Aleksandr