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20151,3-Dipolar cycloaddition of nitrones to transition metal-bound isocyanides: DFT and HSAB principle theoretical model together with analysis of vibrational spectraNovikov, AS
Jun-2016110 years since the birth of Mikhail Platonovich Petrov (1906–1978), the outstanding expert on the nature of deserts-
Sep-2016The 12th International Congress of Balticists, October 28–31 2015, Vilnius, LithuaniaKazanskiene, Vanda P.
Sep-201513C NMR and ESR Characterization of Humic Substances Isolated from Soils of Two Siberian Arctic IslandsAbakumov, Evgeniy
Dec-201613th Congress of International Union of GermanistsBaeva, Galina A.
2017The 1506 Czech Bible in the Slavic typographyСавченкова Анастасия Вадимовна; Savchenkova Anastasia
Jun-2016The 17th International Conference “Speech and Computer” (SPECOM-2015)Stepikhov, Anton A.
Mar-2016The 18th International Colloquium on Latin LinguisticsZheltova, Elena V.
Dec-2015190 anniversary of decembrist uprisingBelousov, Mikhail
Sep-2016The 1st International Scientific Conference “Russian Literature in Translations INTO Foreign Languages. The Russian Literary Canon: The Center and the Periphery”, Kraków, Poland, October 22–23 2015Guskov, Nikolai A.
20122400 километров по Исландии (часть первая: юг и запад)Petrosyan, Leon
201330 лет спустя или 3000 километров по КубеPetrosyan, Leon
20163D face shape reconstruction based on morphable modelБрыксин Матвей Александрович; Bryksin Matvey
20163D face shape reconstruction based on smooth approximation modelПетухов Дмитрий Сергеевич; Petukhov Dmitrii
20163D modelling and animation for an animated film "Nail"Коротких Алексей Евгеньевич; Korotkikh Alexey
Sep-2017The 3rd Gromov Readings. Live Folk Word and Kostroma Region. International Research Conference (Kostroma State University, Kostroma, November 7–9, 2016)Vasiljeva, O. V.
grafical abstract3.png.jpgJul-20154-Halo-2-azabuta-1,3-dienes as intermediates in the rhodium carbenoid-initiated transformation of 2-halo-2H-azirines into 2,3-dihydroazetes and 2,5-dihydrooxazolesSmetanin, Ilia A.; Novikov, Mikhail S.; Rostovskii, Nikolai V.; Khlebnikov, Alexander F.; Starova, Galina L.; Yufit, Dmitry S.
Sep-2016400 years of Latin literature in Ukraine (A review on the book: Trofymuk M. S. Latin Literature of Ukraine in the15-19th centuries: Genres, motifs and ideas. — Lviv: Lviv National University named after I. Franko, 2014. 380 p.)Buharkin, Pjotr E.; Strechen’, Lidija L.
Mar-201745th International Philological Conference, 2016, March 14–21, St. Petersburg, Russia-
201047glioblastoma Gene Expression Profile Diagnostics by the Artificial Neural Networks1Kuperin, Y. A.; Mekler, A. A.; Kniazeva, I.; Schwartz, D. R.; Dmitrenko, V. V.; Rimar, V. I.; Kavsan, V. M.