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2018Analysis of Change in Fundamental Value of Acquirers in Mergers and Acquisition DealsНарутто Александр Александрович; Narutto Aleksandr
2016Business cycles and acquisition policy: Analysis of M&A deals of metallurgical companiesFomin, M.
2013Determinants of cross-border M&A success in the Russian banking sectorKornilova, Regina; Корнилова, Р.
2016Determinants of M&A premiumФахрутдинов Руслан Муратович; Fakhrutdinov Ruslan
2016Foreign Investment Motives of Russian Acquirers: An Extended OLI PerspectivePanibratov, Andrei Yu.; Dikova, Desislava; Veselova, Anna S.
2018M&A as Strategic Response to Oil Price ShockПолитова Марина Игоревна; Politova Marina
2017Relation of the Characteristics of CEO and Market Premium in M&A DealsРатушкова Мария Владимировна; Ratushkova Mariia
2012Supply Chain Related Hidden Costs as the Factor of the M&A Deals Overvaluation: Airlines Case StudyYakovleva, Ekaterina; Яковлева, Е.
2018Transactions in securities for the acquisition of control over a company (M&A)Обыденнов Виктор Леонидович; Obydennov Victor
2016Valuing synergies in strategic acquisitions using real optionsВедерников Андрей Игоревич; Vedernikov Andrei
2015Анализ сделок слияний и поглощений российских металлургических компанийFomin, M.; Bukhvalov, A.