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2016An analysis of Italian-Russian translations of international contractsИващенко Екатерина Игоревна; Ivashchenko Ekaterina
2018Greek loanwords in the Italian LanguageЛещенко Ксения Васильевна; Leshchenko Kseniia
2018The language of the medieval religious poetry of Umbria (through Saint Francis of Assisi and Fra Jacopone da Todi)Некипелова Екатерина Анатольевна; Nekipelova Ekaterina
2017The lexicon of the Sienese dialect in comparison with the Italian standard languageСемилеткина Татьяна Сергеевна; Semiletkina Tatiana
2017Linguoculturological adaptation in translations of Russian fairy tales into ItalianПетрухненко Дарья Андреевна; Petrukhnenko Daria
2018Main strategies of translating the titles of feature films from English into ItalianЛипская Екатерина Александровна; Lipskaia Ekaterina
2018Onomastics in the text of the book by Marco Polo “The Million”Ковтун Юлия Александровна; Kovtun Iuliia
2017The origin and characteristics of the 18th century Italian economic terminology: Evidence from Antonio Genovesi's "Lectures on Commerce, or on Civil Economy"Мамина Виктория Зианшевна; Mamina Victoriia
2016Passato Remoto forms in the text of Marco Polo's "The Million"Кирель Алеся Сергеевна; Kirel Alesia
2018Phraseological units with somatic component in Italian and RussianДурнева Анна Васильевна; Durneva Anna
2018The Problem of Translation of Italian Abstract Notions in Philosophical DiscourseТулинова Татьяна Евгеньевна; Tulinova Tatiana
2018Specific features of the translation of Dante’s “The Divine Comedy” into French, Spanish and EnglishКозлова Анастасия Кирилловна; Kozlova Anastasiia
2017Stylistic characteristics of translating the European Union deeds of incorporation into Italian, English and RussianДонских Екатерина Владимировна; Donskikh Ekaterina
2016Stylistic characteristics of translating the framework documents of the European Union into Italian, English and RussianДонских Екатерина Владимировна; Donskikh Ekaterina