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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Advertising communication in blogging on the basis of up-to-date Internet platformsФролов Дмитрий Андреевич; Frolov Dmitriy
2018Building of the North Caucasus politician's image in social networksСафаров Давуд Камалович; Safarov Davud
2018Communication technologies of banks with children and young audiencesЖданова Анастасия Борисовна; Zhdanova Anastasiya
2017Communication technologies of fighting extremism and terrorism in the Russian FederationДоме Анастасия Александровна; Dome Anastasiia
2016Government relations in culture: A case study of St Petersburg ConservatoryГладченко Ирина Алексеевна; Gladchenko Irina
2017The influence of corporate social responsibility on the company image: A case study of the MMC Norilsk Nickel PJSCСерая Виктория Сергеевна; Seraya Viсtoria
2017The influence of media on protest activities in post-soviet semi-authoritarian regimesФляйшер Дженни; Fleischer Jenny
2017Information support of election campaigns in the Russian Federation: A case study of St.PetersburgАлександров Савва Кириллович; Alexandrov Savva
2017Information transparency and characteristics of web resources development for government authoritiesГультяева Виолетта Юрьевна; Gultiaeva Violetta
2017Interaction of the government and large-sized businesses in the promotion of social initiatives: A case study of the Gazprom PJSCЛосева Анна Юрьевна; Loseva Anna
2017Modern strategies in territorial branding: A case study of the Kola PeninsulaЧижова Екатерина Сергеевна; Chizhova Ekaterina
2018A personal brand promotion in social networks as one of the production methodsСергеева Виктория Игоревна; Sergeeva Viktoriya
2018Political consulting of Russian politicians and public officials: Organisational aspectsШрейфогель Юлия Александровна; Shreifogel Iuliia
2018Political crowdfunding technologies in election campaigns in Russia and abroadТретьяченко Андрей Михайлович; Tretyachenko Andrey
2018The Portrayal of Russia in US Media in the Aftermath of the 2016 Election Hacking ScandalВерлаат Майке; Verlaat Maike
2016PR and advertising in electoral campaigns: A case study of the 2015 deputies elections to the Sochi City CouncilФролова Екатерина Александровна; Frolova Ekaterina
2016PR and advertising technologies in electoral campaigns: A case study of the 2015 elections in the Kyrgyz RepublicМалюта Богдан Вячеславович; Maliuta Bogdan
2018PR promotion of a luxury hotel in St.PetersburgНаумова Анна Игоревна; Naumova Anna
2017The promotion of the Russian Orthodox Church in the InternetНазарова Ульяна Сергеевна; Nazarova Ulyana
2018Resource extraction companies communication with a local community: A case study of the Polymetal PLCЧульдум Шончалай Мергеновна; Chuldum Shonchalay