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2018Analysis of Change in Fundamental Value of Acquirers in Mergers and Acquisition DealsНарутто Александр Александрович; Narutto Aleksandr
2017Analysis of income smoothing techniques used by Russian companiesСолдатова Дарья Михайловна; Soldatova Daria
2018Analysis of the Relation Between Innovation Activity and Financial Performance of Russian CompaniesШумилова Екатерина Константиновна; Shumilova Ekaterina
2017The correlation between accounting and marketing indicators of a companyСидоров Егор Михайлович; Sidorov Egor
2017Impact of Capital Structure on Firm Performance: Evidence from Russian CompaniesКарпухин Леонид Дмитриевич; Karpukhin Leonid
reviewSV_Recenziya_Svidrickij.jpg.jpg2018Influence of Working Capital Structure on Company Performance in Mergers and AcquisitionsСвидрицкий Максим Евгеньевич; Svidritskii Maksim
2018The Relationship Between Board of Directors Characteristics, Ownership Structure and Earnings Management of Kazakhstani Listed CompaniesКораласбаева Умитей; Koralasbayeva Umitey
2017A Study Of Factors That Determine The Level Of A Company’s Earnings ManipulationЗинченко Андрей Алексеевич; Zinchenko Andrei