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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Attribution of profits to a permanent establishment of a foreign company under the "distinct and separate enterprise" approachКозырева Анна Юрьевна; Kozyreva Anna
2018Caretaking of company's property as an object of corporate income taxАндреюк Вероника Игоревна; Andreiuk Veronika
2017Current issues in the relationship between the subordination in the tax authority system and mandatory pre-trial appeal of tax authorities' decisionsФилина Анна Геннадьевна; Filina Anna
2018Features of the calculation of profit tax by organizations - developers in the framework of shared constructionЯхновец Елизавета Федоровна; Iakhnovetc Elizaveta
2018The legal regulation of the application of a simplified taxation system to individual entrepreneursКатрыч Наталья Юрьевна; Katrych Natalia
2017Shifting tax burden from a dishonest partner on a taxpayer and constitutional principles of taxationДементьевская Валерия Витальевна; Dementevskaia Valeriia