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2017Characteristics of television projects on travelling in Great Britain and RussiaШенгелай Алиса Глебовна; Shengelai Alisa
2018Investigation journalism in Russia and the USA: A comparative analysisЯук Полина Александровна; Iauk Polina
2017Media participation in the electoral practice of 2011–2012Нуруллин Искандер Маратович; Nurullin Iskander
2017National characteristics of the reportage in the press of the People's Republic of ChinaЛю Юйхань; Liu Yuhan
2017Participation of mass media in building the Russian ethnic minorities' identityКим Евгения Валерьевна; Kim Evgeniya
2018A refugee’s image transformation in the German mass mediaЛазарева Валерия Николаевна; Lazareva Valeriia
2018The role of Latvian mass media in national identity buildingЧистяков Марк Владимирович; Chistiakov Mark
2018The role of mass media religious identity building: Case studies of Indian newspapersШтадель Анастасия Сергеевна; Shtadel Anastasiya
2018Russian culture in English-speaking media of IndiaЛитвинова Александра Андреевна; Litvinova Alexandra
2017Special reportages: National characteristics and international standardsПопова Полина Владимировна; Popova Polina
2017Terroristic organisations of the 21st century as a media phenomenonСтародубцева Марина; Starodubtseva Marina