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2017Architectural graphics by Ivan LeonidovСтешакова Екатерина Юрьевна; Steshakova Ekaterina
2018Designing Modern Expositions as a New Architectural Practice. The Conflict of Architecture and ArtРудая Ольга Владимировна; Rudaia Olga
2017Kindergarten as a functional type of Soviet and contemporary Russian architectureБородкина Варвара Сергеевна; Borodkina Varvara
2017LP cover as an artwork. (Works of Rodger Dean, Storm Thorgerson and Andy Warhol)Карпуша Олеся Игоревна; Karpusha Olesia
2017West European city center development as illustrated by three capitals: Helsinki, Edinburgh, BarcelonaТараненко Екатерина Александровна; Taranenko Ekaterina