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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Actual problems of World anti-dopind agencys activity and the prospects for its reformИвасюта Елена Зеноновна; Ivasyuta Elena
2017Cooperation in cinematography between Russia and France today: Challenges and prospectsМарковская Надежда Александровна; Markovskaia Nadezhda
2017Current issues in Spain's nation brandingЗахарова Юлия Олеговна; Zakharova Iuliia
2017Football in sports diplomacy: The French and Russian experienceПокидова Эллина Юрьевна; Pokidova Ellina
2018International activities of Russian museums as a means of forming a positive image of the country abroadФедорова Наталья Александровна; Fedorova Natalia
2017International tourism as a part of foreign cultural policy in modern FranceМалькова Юлия Романовна; Malkova Yulia
2018Linguistic direction of the foreign cultural policy of France in the beginning of the 21st century in RussiaИванова Инна Олеговна; Ivanova Inna
reviewSV_IMG_0636.PNG.jpg2017The Olympic Movement in the countries of South and North America: Challenges and prospectsКислякова Мария Николаевна; Kisliakova Mariia
2018The problem of doping in the Paralympic movement at the beginning of the 21st century illustrated by winter sportsСемакова Ирина Александровна; Semakova Irina
2018Prospects of participation of Russian students in cross-border education: A case study of Latin AmericaХилова Александра Александровна; Khilova Alexandra
2017Regional branding in Saratov Oblast: The use of international experienceВершинина Виктория Юрьевна; Vershinina Viktoriia
2017The role of cultural mega events in the branding campaign of city Paris in the early 21st centuryКоршунова Анастасия Александровна; Korshunova Anastasia
2018The role of cultural mega-events in shaping the foreign-policy image of modern RussiaРыжова Алёна Александровна; Ryzhova Alena
2017The role of festivals in the development of international cultural relations in St. Petersburg in the early 21st centuryЗакарян Ангелина Мгеровна; Zakaryan Angelina
2018The role of football clubs and organisations in the implementation of humanitarian projects at the beginning of the 21st century: International experienceМорданов Кирилл Игоревич; Mordanov Kirill
2017The role of French cultural centres in Russia in the implementation of France's current foreign cultural policyГулак Дарья Артуровна; Gulak Daria
2018The role of international cultural mega-events in promoting the brand of St PetersburgИовлева Людмила Витальевна; Iovleva Liudmila
2017The role of Russian football clubs in modern Russia's state brandingАрчакова Ксения Николаевна; Archakova Ksenia
2017Russia–China cooperation in the field of science and education in the early 21st century: Challenges and prospectsБу Руслан Хэевич; Bu Ruslan
2017Social and humanitarian significance of football mega-events in the early 21st centuryБушмелева Дарья Владимировна; Bushmeleva Daria