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2017The feminization process in the Buddhist divine pantheon of ChinaИзрина Светлана Олеговна; Izrina Svetlana
2018Picturesque "Childlike Style" and Its Influence on Artistic Culture of ChinaПолежаева Надежда Михайловна; Polezhaeva Nadezhda
2017Shanghai musical culture in the first half of the 20th century: Main directions and trends of developmentАнисимова Полина Андреевна; Anisimova Polina
2017The symbolism of jewellery in the art of India and ChinaТуинова Любовь Николаевна; Tuinova Liubov
2018Symbolism of Red Colour in Chinese CultureЛевина Валентина Вадимовна; Levina Valentina
2017The symbolism of weapons in the traditional culture of China and JapanЗенова Екатерина Алексеевна; Zenova Ekaterina