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2018Anti-crisis consulting in the construction industryГрибунова Виктория Александровна; Gribunova Viktoriia
2018An Islamic state communications: Recruiting technologies and counteraction mechanismsВасина Анна Андреевна; Vasina Anna
reviewSV_Berezova_O_YU__mag_rec.jpeg.jpg2017The model of speech impact in leisure Internet media: A case study of the Look At Media publishing houseБерезова Ольга Юрьевна; Berezova Olga
2018A political consultant in contemporary Russia: The image and reputation componentsЧагинова Анна Александровна; Chaginova Anna
reviewSV_RECENZIYA_Malysh.jpg.jpg2018Promotion of real estate in the WEBМалыш Артём Сергеевич; Malysh Artyom
2017Value orientations of contemporary sports journalismГорнова Наталья Игоревна; Gornova Natalya
2017Visual identification of regional brands: A case study of St.PetersburgБерезина Анастасия Андреевна; Berezina Anastasiia