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2017China and the US security policy in the Asia-Pacific region: Assessment of the  American public, political and expert communityСаенко Екатерина Павловна; Saenko Ekaterina
reviewSV_Rec_CHzhan_SHui_2.jpg.jpg2018China's foreign policy on the South China sea issue: At the historical and contemporary stagesЧжан Шуи; Zhang Shuyi
reviewSV_Baranov_K_P__sogl.jpg.jpg2017Chinese military modernization as a factor in Sino–Japanese relations (2002–2017)Баранов Кирилл Павлович; Baranov Kirill
2017Comparative analysis of two mega-projects Trans-Pacific Partnership and One Belt, One Road. Challenges and prospectsБаутдинова Юлия Максимовна; Bautdinova Iuliia
2016The Cyprus question in the US policyКусанова Ольга Михайловна; Kusanova Olga
reviewSV_Izobrazhenie_011.jpg.jpg2018Factors of Hybrid Warfare in Nagorno-Karabakh ConflictМусаев Тогрул Шахин Оглы; Musayev Toghrul
2017The impact of Germany’s foreign policy interests and values on the development of modern Germany–Russia relations (2012–2016)Румянцева Валерия Алексеевна; Rumiantseva Valeriia
2018The influence of foreign policy factors on the crisis of democratic republics in Germany and Austria in 1920-1930Савин Михаил Борисович; Savin Mikhail
2017Japan's policy towards Russia in the context of their territorial disputeМисюркеева Анастасия Павловна; Misiurkeeva Anastasiia
2018A Japanese-American Union in the period of the administration of Shinzo AbeЧернышёв Михаил Сергеевич; Chernyshev Mikhail