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2018Approaches to Self-Regulation of Microfinance Organizations: the Case of RussiaГригорян Айк Хачатурович; Grigoryan Hayk
2016Comprehensive evaluation of corporate social performance of MTS in Russia and CISМаханькова Маргарита Борисовна; Makhankova Marharyta
2016Corporate social performance in cosmetic industry: Main problems and possible solutionsРодинко Анастасия Вадимовна; Rodinko Anastasiia
reviewSV_Otzyv_Kolesnikova_Blagov.jpg.jpg2017Corporate social performance in the strategy of international oil and gas companies operating on Sakhalin IslandКолесникова Елизавета Константиновна; Kolesnikova Elizaveta
2016Developing a system of corporate social performance management for St.Peter LineГазиева Аминат Лабазановна; Gazieva Aminat
2017Developing Process for Implementation of an Index of FairnessКрупская Александра Евгеньевна; Krupskaia Aleksandra
2018Development of the Corporate Social Performance System for International Consulting CompanyРябцева Екатерина Алексеевна; Riabtseva Ekaterina
2018Goals of UN Sustainable Development in the System of Corporate Social Activities of International Luxury Industry CompaniesСавельева Дарья Сергеевна; Savelyeva Darya
2016Market entry strategy for the internet-platform connecting business and its stakeholders (Сёмочкин Юрий Андреевич; Siomachkin Yury
2017Price Discrimination in Primary Apartment Housing Market in RussiaАристов Алексей Ростиславович; Aristov Aleksey
2018Psychological Traps and Unethical Decisions: the Role of Middle ManagerВавдинос Николаос; Vavdinos Nikolaos
2018Special events as a way to promote the Association of Business Ethics and CSRАлиновская Алина Александровна; Alinovskaya Alina