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2018Constitutional and prejudicial court enquiries: similarities and differences (a case study of Russia, foreign countries, the Council of Europe and the European Union)Жаровских Евгений Дмитриевич; Zharovskikh Evgeniy
2019Correlation of political and legal components in the constitutional liability of senior public officers of the constituent entities of the Russian FederationМирзеханов Руслан Сефиханович; Mirzehanov Ruslan Sefihanovic
2017Judicial protection as value and guarantee of constitutionalismБайкова Светлана Радиковна; Baikova Svetlana
2016The organisation of the constitutional control in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the context of European experienceАккужанов Ербол; Akkuzhanov Yerbol
2018Russian constitutional justice through the prism of social contract theory: current state and development prospectsШефер Марк Валерьевич; Shefer Mark
2017Subjects of the right of access to the Constitutional Court of Russian FederationБайрамалов Станислав Юрьевич; Bairamalov Stanislav
2018Ways and means of constitutionalisation of social relations (a case study of the practices of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation)Жирникова Полина Денисовна; Zhirnikova Polina