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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Childhood: A philosophical and anthropological studyУгланова Ирина Михайловна; Uglanova Irina
2018Discursive Grounds of the Production and Legitimization of Political PowerБеляева Екатерина Михайловна; Beliaeva Ekaterina
2018Everyday Life in the Soviet Union: Philosophical and Anthropological AnalysisХайбулина Айгуль Ахметовна; Khaibulina Aigul
2016Hospitality as a factor of reducing of conflictogenity in modern societyШевелева Дарья Алексеевна
2018Media Culture as a Factor in the Formation of Visual and Physical PracticesГригорьева Евгения; Hryhorieva Yevheniia
2017Melancholia: A philosophical and anthropological analysis of emotional statesШаронова Анастасия Дмитриевна; Sharonova Anastasiia
2018Philosophical and Anthropological Grounds of Mainstream Development of Theatre in 20th CenturyБолгарина Алиса Евгеньевна; Bolgarina Alisa
2016The political philosophy of M.A. LifshitzЛагурев Алексей Сергеевич; Lagurev Aleksei
2018The Problem of Confessionary Discourse in the Conditions of Modern CultureМаковцев Владимир Станиславович; Makovtsev Vladimir
2017The problem of marriage in contemporary timesСидорова Анна Алексеевна; Sidorova Anna
2018Repressiveness of IdeologyКрутов Данил Сергеевич; Krutov Danil
2018Social and Philosophical Analytics of Crime: Aspect of the Hidden and the FalseПолякова Дарина Сергеевна; Poliakova Darina
2018Symbolization of "Perpetration" and "Victim" in the National Memory of Modern GermanyЗавершинская Полина Константиновна; Zavershinskaia Polina
2017Transformation of the sense of shame in the history of European culture in Antiquity and the Middle AgesВолошина Алла Владимировна; Voloshina Alla