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2018Aesthetization of Protest: A case Study of May Events, 1968, in FranceБольшешапова Маргарита Михайловна; Bolsheshapova Margarita
2017Conservatives and reformers in the Chinese thought at the end of the Qing eraШиряев Никита Михайлович; Shiriaev Nikita
2017Fashion as an instrument of shaping the national identity: A case study of the Italian look in post-war ItalyОрехова Ксения Сергеевна; Orekhova Kseniia
2017Images of Italian everyday life from Napoleon's rule to the RisorgimentoДворко Анастасия Владимировна; Dvorko Anastasiia
2017The images of the city and the countryside in contemporary aestheticsКочкин Виктор Петрович; Kochkin Viktor
2018Musical Festivals as a Modern Aesthetic PhenomenonЦедик Елизавета Сергеевна; Tsedik Elizaveta
2018New China in Literary Anti-utopias of the 20th CenturyБолученкова Наталья Олеговна; Boluchenkova Natalia
2017Sociocultural context of the Russian emigration in Italian culture, 1917-1939Лещева Виктория Андреевна; Leshcheva Viktoriia
2018Structure of Symbolic Reality in Philosophy of Ernst CassirerЛьвова Ксения Александровна; Lvova Kseniia