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reviewSV_IMG_0634.PNG.jpg2017The Chinese factor in US foreign policyИвановская Карина Олеговна; Ivanovskaya Karina
reviewSV_IMG_0611.PNG.jpg2017Cooperation between Russia and BRICS countries in the energy sectorКондратенко Диана Александровна; Kondratenko Diana
2018Current trends of Russian-French cultural cooperation in the beginning of the 21st centuryКоссаковская Анастасия Валерьевна; Kossakovskaya Anastasia
reviewSV_IMG_0640.PNG.jpg2017Exhibitions as a form of current cultural cooperation between Russia and SpainНефедова Вера Александровна; Nefedova Vera
reviewSV_IMG_0626.PNG.jpg2017Germany's membership in the United Nations Security Council: Challenges and prospectsДмитренко Екатерина Петровна; Dmitrenko Ekaterina
reviewSV_IMG_0613.PNG.jpg2017The impact of the colonial policy of France on the threat of terrorism in contemporary international relationsТимофеева Ирина Викторовна; Timofeeva Irina
reviewSV_IMG_0638.PNG.jpg2017Issues in German-Russian relations during Angela Merkel's chancellorship (2005–2017)Мушкет Мария Александровна; Mushket Mariia
reviewSV_IMG_0636.PNG.jpg2017The Olympic Movement in the countries of South and North America: Challenges and prospectsКислякова Мария Николаевна; Kisliakova Mariia
2018Prospects of participation of Russian students in cross-border education: A case study of Latin AmericaХилова Александра Александровна; Khilova Alexandra
reviewSV_IMG_0630.PNG.jpg2017The role of festivals in developing cultural cooperation between St. Petersburg and Scandinavian countriesБерчук Дмитрий Николаевич; Berchuk Dmitry
2018The role of think tanks in shaping the concept of global domination of the United States of America during the Trump administrationТарасова Мария Сергеевна; Tarasova Mariia
reviewSV_IMG_0624.PNG.jpg2017Russia's European discourse: Self–other relationsИванова Елена Владимировна; Ivanova Elena
reviewSV_IMG_0632.PNG.jpg2017Separatism in Europe: Challenges and prospects (evidence from Spain and the UK)Зозуля Анастасия Валерьевна; Zozulya Anastasia
reviewSV_IMG_0642.PNG.jpg2017The Syrian crisis and the relations among Russia, Iran, and the USБитакова Дина Владимировна; Bitakova Dina