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2018Characteristics of eating behaviour and subjective assessment of stressful situations in womenМосковских Валерия Павловна; Moskovskikh Valeriia
2018Correlation between psychological borders of a personality of a consultant and sensitivity to client metacommunicative messagesШлапак Екатерина Константиновна; Shlapak Ekaterina
2018Features of self-presentation by consulting psychologists in the InternetЧеремисова Анна Олеговна; Cheremisova Anna
2017Gender attitudes among representatives of non-gender specific professionsСемёнова Елена Евгеньевна; Semenova Olena
2017Relation to the death in young people inclined to self-reproachЛазарева Елизавета Анатольевна; Lazareva Elizaveta
2018Young people's attitudes towards gender patterns broadcast through social networksГриневич Дарья Олеговна; Grinevich Daria
2018Young people's conceptions of a pattern of intimate relations in their parental and future familiesГригорьева Светлана Анатольевна; Grigoreva Svetlana