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2017Aristotle's concept of the ideal stateГоловинский Иван Геннадиевич; Golovinskiy Ivan
2018Catholicism and Italian fascism: Ideology and practiceГалочкин Алексей Максимович; Galochkin Aleksei
2016The conceptions of political education in ideological and discursive practices in Western EuropeСекунов Юрий Николаевич; Sekunov Iurii
2016Marxism's reception in the contemporary political epistemologyОсипова Алена Валерьевна; Osipova Alena
2018The problem of legitimacy in modern British conservatism: M. Oakeshott, R. ScrutonЛукашев Никита Васильевич; Lukashev Nikita