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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2018The dependence of calculation results on the density functional theory from the means of presenting the wave functionVasiliev, Alexander A.; Bedrina, Marina E.; Andreeva, Tatiana A.
Mar-2018Stationary cycles in a deterministic service systemBure, Vladimir M.; Elfimov, Anton N.; Karelin, Vladimir V.
Mar-2018L. S. Pontryagin maximum principle for some optimal control problems by trajectories pencilsNikolskii, Mikhail S.; Belyaevskikh, Elena A.
Mar-2018Beam dynamics optimization in a linear acceleratorBalabanov, Mikhail Yu.; Mizintseva, Maria A.; Ovsyannikov, Dmitri A.
Mar-2018Index data structure, functionality and microservices in thematic virtual museumsAnggai, Sajarwo; Blekanov, Ivan S.; Sergeev, Sergei L.
Mar-2018The quasidifferential calculus, separation of convex sets and the Demyanov differenceGrzybowski, Jerzy; Pallaschke, Diethard; Urba´nski, Ryszard
Mar-2018A probabilistic approach to comparing the distances between partitions of a setRogov, Aleksandr A.; Varfolomeyev, Aleksey G.; Timonin, Artem O.; Proen¸ca, Kseniya A.
Jun-2018On stabilization of a class of systems with time proportional delayZhabko, Aleksei P.; Tikhomirov, Oleg G.; Chizhova, Ol’ga N.
Jun-2018Mathematical modelling of pulsativе blood flow in deformable arteriesTregubov, Vladimir P.; Ratkina, Svetlana V.
Jun-2018On the diagonal stability of some classes of complex systemsAleksandrov, Alexander Yu.; Vorob’eva, Anna A.; Kolpak, Eugeny P.