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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1961SIGNAL INHERITANCELobashev, M.E.; Лобашов, М.Е.
1967Genetics at the Leningrad UniversityLobashev, M.E.; Лобашев, М.Е.
1979Some historical prerequisites and modern trends in activity of Department of Genetics and Breeding of Leningrad UniversityInge-Vechtomov, S.G.; Инге-Вечтомов, С.Г.
1979Comparative genetics of the nonspecific phosphomonoesterases in microorganismsKožin, S.A.; Ter-Avanesyan, M.D.; Кожин, С.А.; Тер-Аванесян, М.Д.
1979The hypothesis about the time-dependent principle of the systems organization regulating the individual developmentKorochkin, L.I.; Корочкин, Л.И.
1979Plant regenerative process a as a genetic characterFadeyeva, T.S.; Kozyreva, O.G.; Lutova, L.A.; Фадеева, Т,С.; Козырева, О.Г.; Лутова, Л.А.
1981Очерк развития отечественной популяционной генетикиГлотов, Н.В.
1994Y. A. Philiptschenko, the founder of the national school of geneticsGoroshchenko, Y.L.; Горощенко, Ю.Л.
1994Тн. Dobzhansky and the origin of genetics at the Leningrad UniversityKonashev, M.B.; Конашев, М.Б.
1994Formation of Department of Genetics and Experimental Zoology in Petrograd University (1913—1920)Kaidanov, L.Z.; Кайданов, Л.З.