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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Cost Optimization for the Transport Network of YakutiaBubyakina, Galina I.; Plekhanova, Taisia M.; Gromova, Ekaterina V.
2017Modelling of Information Spreading in the Population of Taxpayers: Evolutionary ApproachKumacheva, Suriya Sh.; Gubar, Elena A.; Zhitkova, Ekaterina M.; Kurnosykh, Zlata; Skovorodina, Tatiana
2017Application of Game Theory in the Analysis of Economic and Political Interaction at the International LevelKonyukhovskiy, Pavel V.; Holodkova, Victoria V.
2017Information Pooling Game in Multi-Portfolio OptimizationFu, Jing
2017Games with Incomplete Information on the Both Sides and with Public Signal on the State of the GameGavrilovich, Misha; Kreps, Victoria
2017A Signaling Advertising Model Between an Intelligent Consumer and Two E-tailersEsmaeili, M.; Masoumirad, M.
2017Static Game Theoretic Models of Coordination of Private and Public Interests in Economic SystemsGorbaneva, Olga I.; Ougolnitsky, Guennady A.
2017On the Conditions on the Integral Payoff Function in the Games with Random DurationGromova, Ekaterina V.; Malakhova, Anastasiya P.; Tur, Anna V.
2017A Search Game with Incomplete Information on Detective Capability of SearcherHohzaki, Ryusuke
2017Cooperation in Dynamic Network GamesGao, Hongwei; Pankratova, Yaroslavna