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Sep-2016Materials for the helminth fauna of the edible frog Pelophylax esculentus (Linnaeus, 1758) in the Volga basinChikhlyaev, Igor V.; Fayzulin, Alexander I.
Sep-2016Variability of the scutes of the turtle shell: mechanisms of morphogenesis and the nature of anomaliesCherepanov, Gennadi O.
Sep-2016Morphology of Nikolsky’s viper in Voronezh and Lipetsk regionsFrolova, Ekaterina N.; Gaponov, Sergey P.
Sep-2016Modern reproductive technologies for amphibian biodiversity preservationUteshev, Victor K.; Gakhova, Edith N.; Kaurova, Svetlana A.; Kramarova, Ludmila I.; Shishova, Natalia V.
Sep-2016Interpopulation comparison of skeletal anomalies of Pelophylax ridibundus Pallas, 1771Trofimov, Alexander G.
Sep-2016Species distribution modeling of the Caspian whipsnake Dolichophis caspius (Squamata: Serpentes): a tool for ranking conservation priorities in the Western Pontic steppeTytar, Vladimir M.; Nekrasova, Oksana D.
Sep-2016Tracing glacial refugia of the smooth newt (Lissotriton vulgaris) based on species distribution modellingSkorinov, Dmitriy V.; Litvinchuk, Spartak N.
Sep-2016Skin appendages of the late jurassic ornithischian dinosaurs from Transbaikalia and a problem of the feather originSaveliev, Sergey V.; Alifanov, Vladimir R.
Sep-2016Long-term dynamics of species composition and numbers of helminthes of the marsh frog Pelophylax ridibundus (Pallas, 1771) in the conditions of Tambov regionPyatova, Marina V.; Ravkovskaya, Ekaterina A.; Khvorova, Irina A.; Lada, Georgiy A.
Sep-2016An account of the activity of the agama toad (Prynocephalus mystaceus mystaceus Pall. 1776) during assessments of its populationPolynova, Galina V.
Sep-2016Racerunners of Kyrgyzstan and southeastern part of Kazakhstan (Sauria, Lacertidae, Eremias multiocellata-complex)Orlova, Valentina F.; Chirikova, Marina A.; Nazarov, Roman A.; Poyarkov, Nikolay A.
Sep-2016The thermal biology of the Phrynocephalus guttatus (Gmelin, 1789) in the Astrakhan regionOkstein, Igor L.
Sep-2016Preliminary data on the batrachofauna of the Kaffa biosphere reserveMilto, Konstantin D.; Pestov, Mark V.; Kirschey, Tom
Sep-2016The distribution and ecology of the middle lizards Lacerta media Lantz et Cyren, 1920 (Reptilia: Sauria: Lacertidae) in DagestanMazanaeva, Lyudmila F.; Askenderov, Azim D.
Sep-2016Geographic variation in the characteristics of Rana temporaria metamorphsLyapkov, Sergey M.
Sep-2016Natural polyploidy in amphibiansLitvinchuk, Spartak N.; Borkin, Lev J.; Skorinov, Dmitriy V.; Pasynkova, Rosa A.; Rosanov, Yuriy M.
Sep-2016The study of thermoregulatory behavior of reptiles by of implantation temperature recordersLitvinov, Nikolay A.; Panova, Maria K.; Okulov, Gennadiy A.
Sep-2016On the southern distributional limit of the pool frog, Pelophylax lessonae (Camerano, 1882): the first record in Volgograd region, RussiaLada, Georgiy A.; Gordeev, Dmitry A.; Prilipko, Sergey K.; Borkin, Lev J.; Litvinchuk, Spartak N.; Rosanov, Juri M.
Sep-2016Laos and Cambodia Hemidactylus platyurus (Schneider, 1792) (Reptilia: Sauria: Gekkonidae) mandibula pholidosis variabilityKonstantinov, Evgeny L.; Buldova, Olesia Yu.
Sep-2016Some aspects of captive breeding of the Karelin’s Newt, Triturus Karelinii Strauch, 1870 from Talysh populationKidov, Artem A.; Matushkina, Kseniya A.; Afrin, Kirill A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 30