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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Attitude to motherhood of pregnant women: Cross-cultural research in Russia and KazakhstanИманалиева Галия; Imanaliyeva Galiya
2016Explicit and implicit attitudes of employees to the mission of an organisationКозырева Ольга Александровна; Kozyreva Olga
2016Experience of partnership relations of young people and adults with different types of attachmentТарасова Дарья Дмитриевна; Tarasova Dariia
2016Self-reflection and its connection to psychological well-being of people with different level of personal rigidnessКалашникова Юлия Александровна; Kalashnikova Iuliia
2016Experiencing loneliness by megapolis citizensГорбунова Елена Сергеевна; Gorbunova Elena
2016Tactics of a leader's influence and employees' psychological well-beingМуравник Елизавета Дмитриевна; Muravnik Elizaveta
2016Professional motivation as a factor of personnel involvementКолбин Владимир Владимирович; Kolbin Vladimir
2016Professional self-identification in correlation to the characteristics of adult personal and conceptual ideasЗолотухина Дарья Никитична; Zolotukhina Dariia
2016Poems and their role in political values of school studentsБрыксенков Дмитрий Андреевич; Bryksenkov Dmitry
2016Biographic predictors of career satisfactionРогалёва Мария Владимировна; Rogaleva Mariia