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Ресурсы коллекции (Сортировка по Даты сохранения в по убыванию порядке): 1 по 20 из 99
Предварительный просмотрДата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2017Comparative evaluation of results of treating osteomyelitis patients using new techniquesПавлов Дмитрий Владимирович; Pavlov Dmitrii
2017Evaluation of effectiveness of antihypertensive therapy in outpatient clinicsСавельев Дмитрий Юрьевич; Savelyev Dmitrii
2017Content of methods used on the third step of damage control surgery in combined injury patients with unstable pelvic fracturesСанкин Артем Витальевич; Sankin Artem
2017Clinical and organizational aspects of treating schizophrenia patients in an outpatient intensive psychiatric care departmentВоробьёв Юрий Игоревич; Vorobev Iurii
2017Surgical management of brain metastasesКутуев Ренат Камильевич; Kutuev Renat
2017Comparative evaluation of X-Ray computed and digital linear tomography for emergency diagnosisВолошина Надежда Дмитриевна; Voloshina Nadezhda
2017Total body water content in patients with coronary syndromeАлакаев Залихан Заурович; Alakaev Zalikhan
2017Сlinical and epidemiological features of genital herpesИльина Варвара; Iljina Varvara
reviewSV_otzyv_na_vkr_-2__jpeg.jpeg.jpg2017Acute kidney injury in cancer patientsМиргородская Вера Сергеевна; Mirgorodskaia Vera
2017Features of clinical course and approaches to treatment of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in elderly and senile patientsЯщенко Ксения Олеговна; Iashchenko Kseniia
2017Main clinical and laboratory parameters in patients prior to reconstructive maxillofacial surgeryЗбаразский Станислав Сергеевич; Zbarazskii Stanislav
2017Morphological evaluation of complex treatment of androgenetic alopeciaЩеглова Наталия Вадимовна; Shcheglova Nataliia
2017Use of androgens in women with poor ovarian reserve before IVF treatmentЯковенко Анастасия Олеговна; Iakovenko Anastasiia
2017Optimisation of diagnostic algorithm in patients with disseminated interstitial lung lesionsШорохов Никита Сергеевич; Shorokhov Nikita
2017Clinical variants of gastric lesions in patients with coronary heart diseaseФедорова Екатерина Сергеевна; Fedorova Ekaterina
reviewSV_otzyv_na_ponomarevu1.png.jpg2017Effectiveness of neurosurgical treatment of patients with trigeminal neuralgia: Clinical and neuropsychological studyПономарева Татьяна Андреевна; Ponomareva Tatiana
2017Mastocytosis in children and adults: Results of the analysis of the Russian group of patientsСкорюкова Ксения Алексеевна; Skoriukova Kseniia
2017Analysis of lethal outcomes in HIV-infected patients with undetectable viral load receiving antiretroviral therapyЧичикало Ирина Владимировна; Chichikalo Irina
2017Role of surgical method in treatment of decaying breast cancerЧистякова Елена Александровна; Chistiakova Elena
2017Features of pharmacotherapy of atrial fibrillation in elderly and senile patientsТелегина Анна Андреевна; Telegina Anna
Ресурсы коллекции (Сортировка по Даты сохранения в по убыванию порядке): 1 по 20 из 99