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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Interaction of complement protein C3 and its derivatives with peptide arenicin-1Кренев Илья Анатольевич; Krenev Ila Anatolevic
2019The effect of hydrophobic monoamines on heteromeric proton-gated ion channels ASIC1a/2aБухарев Андрей; Buharev Andrej
2019Susceptibility of Candida yeasts to humoral factors from the haemolymph of Calliphora vicina larvaeЯшенкова Ярославна Сергеевна; Asenkova Aroslavna Sergeevna
2019Gametogenesis in Pacific salmon Oncorhynchus masu in the course of artificial reproduction at fish farms of the Sakhalin RegionЮрчак Мария Ивановна; Urcak Maria Ivanovna
reviewSV_otzyv_1.jpg.jpg2019Effect of nuclear receptor NR4A1 expression on metastasis and sensitivity to DNA-damaging agentsЮдичев Петр Андреевич; Udicev Petr Andreevic
2019Investigation of the permeability of ratʹs colon during the incubation with the prostaglandin E2 and interleukin 1 betaФатыйхов Ильяс Робертович; Fatyjhov Ilas Robertovic
2019Study of Deltaproteobacteria CasX nucleaseСидоренкова Ольга Ирэковна; Sidorenkova Olga Irekovna
2019Role of PIN-FORMED proteins in formation of auxin response maximum during lateral root initiation in Cucurbita pepoСавельева Арина Петровна; Saveleva Arina Petrovna
2019Screening for functional amyloids in Drosophila melanogaster oocytesРыжкова Кристина Витальевна; Ryzkova Kristina Vitalevna
2019Biological activity of C3f peptide fragment of complement component C3Позолотин Владислав Андреевич; Pozolotin Vladislav Andreevic
reviewSV_Otzyv_ruk_Polakova.jpg.jpg2019Characterization of cultivated cyanobacteria from separate clusters of the polyphyletic genus SynechocystisПолякова Елена Юрьевна; Polakova Elena Urevna
2019Structural and functional changes in endometrium under the influence of synthetic progesterone analogue mepregenol diacetateНурмиева Динара Альбертовна; Nurmieva Dinara Albertovna
2019Diversity and systematics of naked lobose amoebae (Amoebozoa) in bottom sediments of the Nivå Bay (the Baltic Sea, the Sound)Лотонин Кирилл Николаевич; Lotonin Kirill Nikolaevic
2019Cultivation of European spruce Picea abies (L.) Karst. under the canopy in the east of the Leningrad RegionКузьмина Юлия Вадимовна; Kuzmina Ulia Vadimovna
2019Analysis of phenotypic manifestations of mutations in the pea symbiotic gene Sym40 encoding the key developmental regulator of nitrogen-fixing nodulesКиричек Евгений Андреевич; Kiricek Evgenij Andreevic
2019Elaboration of expression system for recombinant proteins in Enterococcus spp. cellsЕгидарова Елена Юрьевна; Egidarova Elena Urevna
2019Mitochondrial variability of planktonic invertebrates from inland marine isolatesДжелали Полина Александровна; Dzelali Polina Aleksandrovna
2019Regulation of truncated haemoglobins synthesis in Chlamydomonas under phosphorus deprivationГринько Александра Николаевна; Grinko Aleksandra Nikolaevna
2019Analysis of composition and variability of gut microbiota in closely related species of intertidal snails of the genus LittorinaГафарова Елизавета Рустамовна; Gafarova Elizaveta Rustamovna
2019Genotypic and phenotypic features of Streptococcus agalactiae strains isolated from pregnant women and newbornsВасильева Василиса Андреевна; Vasileva Vasilisa Andreevna
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 83