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reviewSV_3986_001.jpg.jpg2017Development of the forward market in ChinaХэ Пэйжуо; He Peiruo
2017The role of traditional Chinese mythology in the development of self-identification of modern Chinese peopleСтрекаловская Екатерина Вадимовна; Strekalovskaia Ekaterina
2017Decorative features of the Kangxi porcelain and its influence on the development of European applied art in the late 17th – first half of the 18th centuriesКаминская Екатерина Игоревна; Kaminskaia Ekaterina
2017Social and political stereotypes of Russian and Chinese studentsКостинова Любовь Николаевна; Kostinova Liubov
2017Analysing the exchange value dynamics of the IMF currency "basket" following the inclusion of the yuanКононова Милана Олеговна; Kononova Milana
2017The connection between astronomy and the ritual of the Western Han dynasty, 206 BC–9 ADОшкаева Мария Александровна; Oshkaeva Mariia
2017Information security and necessity of counterterrorism efforts: A case study of mass media of the People's Republic of ChinaМа Цзюньцин; Ma Junqing
2017Cultural traditions of China "Dance"Сюй Цзе; Xu Jie
2017Comparative analysis of criminal legislation of the Qin and the Western Han dynastiesБеличенко Вероника Сергеевна; Belichenko Veronika
2017National characteristics of news in the press of the People's Republic of ChinaЛю Дамин; Liu Daming