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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
cover2014-600.jpg.jpg2014Triconchs in Serbian Architecture of the Moravian Period: Survey of the Basic ProblemsMaltseva, Svetlana V.; Мальцева, С.В.
cover2013-600.jpg.jpg2013On the Prototypes and Chronology of Buildings of the Last Period of Medieval Serbian Architecture (Some Remarks on the Historiography)Maltseva, Svetlana V.; Мальцева, С.В.
Cover.jpg.jpg2014Byzantium as Christian AntiquityMaltseva, Svetlana V.; Zakharova, Anna V.; Захарова А.В.; Мальцева, С.В.
Cover.jpg.jpg2012Studying the Single Nave Domed Churches in the Context of Medieval Serbian ArchitectureMaltseva, Svetlana V.; Мальцева, С.В.
cover.jpg.jpg2011The problem of parallels in medieval serbian and russian architectureMaltseva, Svetlana V.; Мальцева, С.В.
cover2012-600.jpg.jpg2012Balkan influences or parallels in Old Russian architecture?Maltseva, Svetlana V.; Мальцева, С.В.
cover2011-600.jpg.jpg2011Significance of Chapels in Forming the Regional Tradition of Serbian Medieval ArchitectureMaltseva, Svetlana V.; Мальцева, С.В.
cover.jpg.jpg2012La basilique à coupole et l’église à croix inscrite entre l’Est et l’Ouest: certains problèmes d’étude à l’example de l’architecture de l’ancienne Croatie et Serbie. L’architecture chrétienne médiévale: interaction des traditions. L’Orient et l’OccidentMaltseva, Svetlana V.; Мальцева, С.В.; Maltseva, Svetlana V.
vestnik-cover.jpg.jpg2013The chapels in Serbian churches of the reign of Dušan (1331—1355)Zakharova, Anna V.; Maltseva, Svetlana V.; Захарова А.В.; Мальцева, С.В.
2012_3_4_cover.jpg.jpg2012About some problems of division into periods of Serbian medieval architecture. A term is Moravian schoolMaltseva, Svetlana V.; Мальцева, С.В.