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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019D-dimer in practically healthy patients: clinical significanceКарушкина Мария Николаевна; Karuskina Maria Nikolaevna
2016Dada art in Germany in the context of the general theory of the avant-gardeКолечкова Анастасия Дмитриевна; Kolechkova Anastasiia
reviewSV_soglasie.jpg.jpg2017Dagestan as an object of tourist and recreational activitiesЧитнеев Илья Анатольевич; Chitneev Ilia
2018'Daguerreotypism' and 'pseudorealism' in literary polemics of 1840sВожик Екатерина Игоревна; Vozhik Ekaterina
2017The daily life of the Putilov Factory workmen during the Civil War of 1918 – 1921Провалова Дарья Андреевна; Provalova Daria
Sep-2016Daily university life from the pages of the diary of Mikhail KorelinTsygankov, Dmitry A.
Dec-2017“Dalstroy” Factor and Cultural Policy in the North-East of the USSR in 1953– 1960sGrebenyuk, P. S.
Dec-2018Danish imperative formation: A problem for the phonology/ morphology interfaceBasbøll, Hans
2016Dark energy and superclusters in observed UniverseАхмедов Георгий Рафикович; Akhmedov Georgii
2016Dark Side of Political Ties: Failure Case of Russian MNE Rusal in MontenegroErmolaeva, Lyubov A.; Pantic, Bojan
2016A “Dark Stain” on the Reputation of the Comintern: the Case of the Missing French DelegatesSlutskaya, L. V.
Grodzinski, Hoyer 1938.jpg.jpg1938Das BlutgefassystemGrodzinski, Z.; Hoyer, H.
Jun-2016Das “Incompatibilitätsgesetz” Th . Zielinskis: Eine kolumbische EntdckungPozdnev, Michael M.
2017Dashed line detection and vectorisation on digital imagesЗабелин Денис Витальевич; Zabelin Denis
2016Data management in multi-branch testing systemИванов Кирилл Андреевич; Ivanov Kirill
reviewSV_reviewEfremovScan.jpg.jpg2016Data race detection in z/OS еnvironmentЕфремов Ростислав Сергеевич; Efremov Rostislav
2018Data recovery from disks damaged by modern malwareМедведев Андрей Александрович; Medvedev Andrei
2016Data visualisation in accounting (financial) reporting developed in accordance with international standardsПальчук Полина Андреевна; Palchuk Polina
2018Data-based code synthesis in IntelliJ IDEAТанков Владислав Дмитриевич; Tankov Vladislav