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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017"Culture and Art in a Classical University": Graphics support for a projectПавлова Олеся Игоревна; Pavlova Olesya
2018Graphics support for a multifunctional cultural space "KPD"Зимин Егор Игоревич; Zimin Egor
2018Integrated graphics support for "University Book House"Косова Татьяна Константиновна; Kosova Tatiana
Bezymyannyj-16.jpg.jpg2017Integrated graphics support for an eventПопова Валентина Ивановна; Popova Valentina
2017Integrated graphics support for the State Budgetary Non-Standard Educational Institution "Academy of Talents"Краузе Надежда Олеговна; Krauze Nadezhda
2018Project design for a complex of printed editions and spatial objects of the game environment based on a story-book "Tales of Night Light, Wind and Rain"Ли Марина Николаевна; Li Marina
2017Using the principles of micrographics in the development of the visual image of the Petrography Museum at St Petersburg State UniversityБу И; Bu Yi