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Jun-2016Comparing volt-ampere characteristics of electrolytes and probe characteristics in afterglow plasmaKosykh, Nikolay B.; Varzin, Sergey A.; Gutsev, Sergey A.
Dec-2017The introduction of laparoscopy into practice with subsequent delayed operational treatment in complicated diverticular disease of the colonAvdeev, Alexey M.; Abdulaev, Magomed A.; Afaq, Mohammad T.; Abdullaev, Zaur T.; Varzin, Sergey A.
Dec-2017The ion concentration determination from current-voltage characteristics of electrolytesYafyasov, Adil M.; Varzin, Sergey A.; Gutsev, Sergey A.; Katsyubka, Vladislav M.
Mar-2018The lateral extensor slips (lateral bundles) of the human finger in interphalangeal flexionvan Zwieten, Koos Jaap; Thywissen, Carlo; Hotterbeekx, An; Kosten, Lauren; de Munter, Stephanie; de Bakker, Bernadette; Adriaensens, Peter; Varzin, Sergey A.; Piskun, Oleg E.; Schmidt, Klaus P.