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1-Feb-2016Automated IR determination of petroleum products in water based on sequential injection analysisFalkova, Marina; Vakh, Christina; Shishov, Andrey; Zubakina, Ekaterina; Moskvin, Aleksey; Moskvin, Leonid; Bulatov, Andrey
12-Sep-2015Flow analysis: A novel approach for classificationVakh, Christina; Falkova, Marina; Timofeeva, Irina; Moskvin, Alexey; Moskvin, Leonid; Bulatov, Andrey
1-Jan-2016A fully automated effervescence assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction based on a stepwise injection system. Determination of antipyrine in saliva samplesMedinskaia, Kseniia; Vakh, Christina; Aseeva, Darina; Andruch, Vasil; Moskvin, Leonid; Bulatov, Andrey
11-Feb-2016A fully automated effervescence-assisted switchable solvent-based liquid phase microextraction procedure: Liquid chromatographic determination of ofloxacin in human urine samplesVakh, Christina; Pochivalov, Aleksei; Andruch, Vasil; Moskvin, Leonid; Bulatov, Andrey
8-Apr-2015Simultaneous determination of iron (II) and ascorbic acid in pharmaceuticas based on flow sandwich techniqueVakh, Christina; Freze, Elena; Pochivalov, Alexsey; Evdokimova, Ekaterina; Kamencev, Mihail; Moskvin, Leonid; Bulatov, Andrey