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2013An empirical analysis of social entrepreneurial intentions formation among students: evidence from GUESSS projectRybalchenko, Julia S.
2014Antecedents and Performance Outcomes of Entrepreneurial Orientation: a Comparative Cross-Country StudyBeliaeva, Tatiana V.
2016Bridging Intention-Action Gap in Student Entrepreneurship: the Role of Formal InstitutionsBogatyreva, Karina A.; Shirokova, Galina V.; Osiyevskyy, Oleksiy
2012Comparative analysis of entrepreneurial intentions among students: evidence from GUESSS projectKostyan, Valeria
2016Effectuation and/or Causation: What Cognitive Logic One Should Foster in Different Institutional Settings?Shirokova, Galina V.; Laskovaia, Anastasiia; Osiyevskyy, Oleksiy
Jun-2019Entrepreneurial leadership: Approaches to definition and main research directionsKarpinskaia, Emilia O.; Shirokova, Galina V.
2010Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Russia 2009Verkhovskaya, Olga R.; Dorokhina, Maria V.; Shirokova, Galina V.; Tsyganova, Tatiana; Aray, Iu.
2013GUESSS - Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students‘ Survey 2013/2014Shirokova, Galina V.; Tsukanova, Tatiana V.; Bogatyryeva, Karina A.; Широкова, Г. В.; Цуканова, Т. В.; Богатырева, К. А.
2012Influence of institutional environment on firms' internationalisation process: Evidence from SEE and CIS countriesBystrova, Yulia E.; Быстрова, Ю. Е.
2011The influence of institutional factors on the internationalisation of foreign small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on the Russian market: The case of Finnish SMEsShalonya, Anastasia; Шалонья, А.
2011The influence of strategic entrepreneurship on the firm performanceSokolova, Liubov S.
2016The interactive effects of venture cognitive logic and performance of Russian SMEs in uncertain environmentShirokova, Galina V.; Laskovaia, Anastasiia
Sep-2017Main approaches to exploring intention-action gap in entrepreneurshipBogatyreva, Karina A.; Shirokova, Galina V.
2011Organizational mechanisms of corporate entrepreneurship: Practices of international companiesPopova, Evgeniia; Попова, Ев.
2016The Role of Strategic Entrepreneurship in Performance of Russian SMEs during the Economic CrisisShirokova, Galina V.; Ivvonen, Liudmila; Gafforova, Elena
2016The Role of Strategic Orientations in Managing Economic Crisis: An Empirical Examination of Russian SMEsShirokova, Galina V.; Beliaeva, Tatiana; Gafforova, Elena
2013Specifics of Born globals’ development in Russia: evidence from IT industryBekhterev, Alexander A.; Бехтерев, А. А.
2012Strategic Entrepreneurship: Innovation practices in Entertainment industryMovchan, Ekaterina; Мовчан, Е.
2011The National Report GUESSS (Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students’ Survey)Shirokova, Galina V.; Kulikov, Alexander V.; Широкова, Г. В.; Куликов, А. В.
2011The National Report GUESSS (Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students’ Survey) - Rus.Shirokova, Galina V.; Kulikov, Alexander V.