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2017China's modern investment policy and foreign investmentБаранова Екатерина Сергеевна; Baranova Ekaterina
2017Cybersecurity law as a new priority in the national security of the Russian FederationШевелев Артём Андреевич; Shevelev Artem
2017The Great Silk Road conception of the 21st century: "Geopolitical and geoeconomic aspects"Целоусов Кирилл Андреевич; Tcelousov Kirill
2017The issue of the Russian Far East’s integration into the Asia-Pasific regionЛюдоговская Екатерина Петровна; Lyudogovskaya Ekaterina
2017Key aspects of current Russia–Germany scientific, educational and cultural cooperation: Challenges and prospectsМаксунова Ангелина Юрьевна; Maksunova Angelina
2017Key issues in international non-governmental organizations' struggle for human rights and freedom: A case study of Amnesty International and Human Right WatchМартынов Дмитрий Александрович; Martynov Dmitrii
2017The main aspects of Russian foreign policy according to the German mediaВоробьева Ольга Дмитриевна; Vorobeva Olga
2017Oil exploration in The Arctic region: Russia’s role and the positions of key actorsФролов Алексей Витальевич; Frolov Aleksei
2017The role of Russia in the settlement of Syrian conflictКривцова Юлия Александровна; Krivtsova Yulia
2017The SCO as an instrument of regional integration in the global political contextМяндина Екатерина Павловна; Miandina Ekaterina