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Sep-2021“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”? The influence of dark triad personality traits on formation of entrepreneurial intentionsBogatyreva, Karina A.; Laskovaia, Anastasia K.; Klemina, Tatiana N.; Orekhova, Yulia A.
Dec-2016On the Anniversary of Professor Nikolay V. Raskov: Biographical Sketch and Scientific ContributionDermanov, Vassily K.; Klemina, Tatiana N.
2010Schools of thought in organization theory: Factors affecting emergence and developmentKlemina, Tatiana N.
Jun-2020Strategy teaching in business schools within different institutional and economic contexts: Evidence from Russia and the United KingdomVerkhovskaya, Olga R.; Klemina, Tatiana N.; Aray, Yulia N.
Jun-2017Strategy teaching: Contemporary challengesAray, Yulia N.; Verkhovskaya, Olga R.; Klemina, Tatiana N.