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Jun-2016Academician A. N. Krylov’s works in astronomy, mechanics, applied mathematics and history of scienceKholshevnikov, Konstantin V.; Polyakhova, Elena N.; Korolev, Vladimir S.
Mar-2021Dynamics modeling and scientific development directions of mechanics and applied mathematicsAlferov, Gennadiy V.; Korolev, Vladimir S.; Polyakhova, Elena N.; Kholshevnikov, Konstantin V.
Jun-2016Estimates of sums of integrals of Legendre polynomialKholshevnikov, Konstantin V.; Shaidulin, Vakhit Sh.
Sep-2021Figures of Pluto and Charon and their relative motionKholshevnikov, Konstantin V.; Mikryukov, Denis V.; Jazmati, Mohammad S.
Mar-2019Geometry of the Huygens-Roche figureKholshevnikov, Konstantin V.
Mar-2021Is Jacobi theorem valid in the singly averaged restricted circular Three-Body-Problem?Kholshevnikov, Konstantin V.
Dec-2017Laplace series of ellipsoidal figures of revolutionKholshevnikov, Konstantin V.; Milanov, Danila V.; Shaidulin, Vakhit Sh.
Dec-2020Minimal velocity surface in the restricted circular Three-Body-ProblemKholshevnikov, Konstantin V.; Titov, Vladimir B.
Mar-2020On a quotient space of Keplerian orbitsKholshevnikov, Konstantin V.; Shchepalova, Anastassia S.; Jazmati, Mohammad S.
Sep-2018On distances between orbits of planets and asteroidsKholshevnikov, Konstantin V.; Shchepalova, Anastasiia S.
Sep-2016On the representation of the gravitational potential of several model bodiesKuznetsov, Eduard D.; Kholshevnikov, Konstantin V.; Shaidulin, Vakhit Sh.
Jun-2021The space of Keplerian orbits and a family of its quotient spacesKholshevnikov, Konstantin V.; Milanov, Danila V.; Shchepalova, Anastasia S.
Sep-2017Stokes constants of an oblate ellipsoid of revolution with equidensites homothetic to its surfaceKholshevnikov, Konstantin V.; Milanov, Danila V.; Shaidulin, Vakhit Sh.