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2018Abstract nouns word formation models in literary monuments of the Czech languageТимофеева Мария Андреевна; Timofeeva Mariia
2018A comparative analysis of the names of wildlife subjects: A case study of ornamental plants’ names in Polish, Russian and Ukranian languagesЕвтифеева Нонна Сергеевна; Yevtifieieva Nonna
2018Functioning of mental and speech stereotypes in epistolary texts of 17th century: A case study of John III Sobieski’s lettersЛеонова Дарья Константиновна; Leonova Daria
2018Language peculiarities of Polish poetical versions of Psalms: Czesław Miłosz and Jan KochanowskiГригорьева Лидия Михайловна; Grigoreva Lidiia