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Jun-2018Business Models in Social Entrepreneurship: An Approach to Typology BuildingAray, Yulia N.
2016Developing Social Entrepreneurship Models in Russian Legal and Socioeconomic ContextBlagov, Yury E.; Aray, Yulia N.
Jun-2020Strategy teaching in business schools within different institutional and economic contexts: Evidence from Russia and the United KingdomVerkhovskaya, Olga R.; Klemina, Tatiana N.; Aray, Yulia N.
Jun-2017Strategy teaching: Contemporary challengesAray, Yulia N.; Verkhovskaya, Olga R.; Klemina, Tatiana N.
Sep-2016World is Open for Everybody: Is It Possible to Turn Accessible Tourism into a Business in Russia? (Case Study)Aray, Yulia N.; Petrova-Savchenko, Anastasia A.