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2017The art of Pavel Kuznetsov in the mirror of art criticismЛаврова Алина Владимировна; Lavrova Alina
2017The boundaries of the historical genre in the works of Richard BoningtonКалеченкова Надежда Михайловна; Kalechenkova Nadezhda
2017Experimental course as a transformation of Guohua in the late 20th century as illustrated by the works of Wu GuanzhongГорбачева Анастасия Владимировна; Gorbacheva Anastasia
2017Jean Tinguely. From kinetic sculpture to "metamechanics"Урусова Анжелика Юрьевна; Urusova Anzhelika
2017Judy Chicago and Mary Kelly's creativity: The problem of female representation in the art of the 1970sШпынева Анастасия Игоревна; Shpyneva Anastasiia
2016The real and the unreal in William Hope's spirit photographyКлимова Ксения Владимировна; Klimova Kseniia