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2017Application of wavelet transform in finding key points on imageПаршин Алексей Андреевич; Parshin Alexey
2016Determination of dynamic characteristics of chaotic regimesКонюхова Олеся Игоревна; Konyukhova Olesya
2018Geoinformational images segmentationМиннегалиев Алмаз Анисович; Minnegaliev Almaz
2016Investigation of chaotic behaviour of dynamical systemsЛатыпова Альбина Наилевна; Latypova Albina
2017Lyapunov approach for solution estimation of linear differential-difference equation systemsЦимфер Сергей Александрович; Tsimfer Sergey
2017On relationship between solutions of the second Zolotarev problem and one polynomial problemГрунина Вера Николаевна; Grunina Vera
2017Using state observers in dynamic input-output modelsКолесова Александра Александровна; Kolesova Aleksandra