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2018The activity of The United Russia fraction of the St.Petersburg Sixth Legislative Assembly in regional mass mediaПетрикова Анастасия Владиславовна; Petrikova Anastasiia
2018Communication strategies and practices of European institutions in solving the issue of refugeesРошка Овидиу; Rosca Ovidiu
2017Communication technologies in the promotion of a hockey club: A case study of the SKA Ice Hockey Club, St.PetersburgБородуля Виктор Сергеевич; Borodulya Viktor
2018Construction companies communication with St.Petersburg local communityВихристюк Валерия Васильевна; Vikhristyuk Valeriya
2018Intergrated marketing communications in modern state theatre promotionМиронова Маргарита; Mironova Margarita
2018Native advertising in the modern Russian-language mediaБондина Анастасия Борисовна; Bondina Anastasiia
2018Oil industry companies repositioning in the modern communication environment: A comparative analysis of Russian and foreign practicesГацура Юлия Дмитриевна; Gatsura Iuliia
2017PR technologies of the public catering facility image building: A case study of the CoffeShop Company of St.PetersburgАбрамова Валерия Олеговна; Abramova Valeria
2017Professional ethics of a journalist in the People's Republic of ChinaСо Димин; Suo Diming
2018SMM promotion of start-upsПосадская Яна Олеговна; Posadskaya Yana
2018Strategies and technologies of bank communications with troubled borrowersПривалов Евгений Александрович; Privalov Evgenii
2017Technologies of communication support of pharmaceutical medications: A case study of problem-prone skin care productsГлазырина Вероника Вадимовна; Glazyrina Veronika