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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analysis of methods for evaluation of data quality obtained in investigating territory planned for construction by alternative energy facilitiesСкачкаускайте Анна Гинтарасовна; Skachkauskayte Anna
2016Automated writer identification based on letter frequency distributionДюрдева Полина Сергеевна; Diurdeva Polina
2017Automatic annotation of single documentsСандул Михаил Вадимович; Sandul Mikhail
2017Automatic generation of domain-specific sentiment Russian dictionariesДубатовка Алина Дмитриевна; Dubatovka Alina
2016Automatic speech recognition based on visual informationСавченков Павел Александрович; Savchenkov Pavel
2016Development and application of a tool set for forecasting petroleum product sales at gas stationsВолобой Валерия Сергеевна; Voloboi Valeriia
2016Development of cloud service test library for databasesШавкунова Дарья Дмитриевна; Shavkunova Daria
2016Development of PostgreSQL service with backup and recovery for Cloud Foundry: local storage and backup moduleКокорев Андрей Дмитриевич; Kokorev Andrei
2016Development of rating system for CodeFights platformЕзус Альбина Николаевна; Ezus Albina
2017Finger-based Multimodal Biometric Recognition systemШайхетдинова Алиса Раисовна; Shaykhetdinova Alisa
2017Investigation of automatic text summarisation methodsНовосёлова Анастасия Максимовна; Novosyolova Anastasiia
2016Personal profile optimisation of  St. Petersburg University applicantКлёнская Анастасия Александровна; Klyonskaya Anastasia
2016Personal profile optimisation of  St. Petersburg University applicant. State exam calculatorШайхинуров Наиль Шамилевич; Shaikhinurov Nail
2016System development of automated testing application front-end for mobile MegaFon cellular communication operatorsСапурина Лилия Юрьевна; Sapurina Liliia
2016Usage of video-sequences for convolutional neural network pre-trainingПолянский Владислав Владимирович; Polianskii Vladislav