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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Actualisation of Private Collections in Museums of St PetersburgЧавчанидзе Софья Кирилловна; Chavchanidze Sofia
2016Actualization of Soviet cultural heritage by museum meansЗуева Арина Сергеевна; Zueva Arina
2016Museumification of architectural monuments: A study of Veliky Novgorod and PskovАбрамов Фёдор Владимирович; Abramov Fedor
2016Practical experience of reconstruction of European cities after World War II: A study of Warsaw, Dresden and KaliningradВолошина Дарья Дмитриевна; Voloshina Daria
2016The problem of exhibiting ethnographic objects in museums of the Russian FederationМолчанова Нина Викторовна; Molchanova Nina
2016The visitor to the museum: Specific aspects of modern sociocultural communicationАбзалова Александра Анатольевна; Abzalova Aleksandra