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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The analysis of aesthetic forms of cinecynicismБороховская Екатерина Александровна; Borokhovskaia Ekaterina
2017Documentary films as a propaganda tool during World War IIПархачева Анастасия Михайловна; Parkhacheva Anastasiia
2016Existential foundations of everyday life: Common sense and self-reflectionЧаптыков Даниил Васильевич; Chaptykov Daniil
2016Existential foundations of speechШмарова Полина Сергеевна; Shmarova Polina
2016Language as a way to access the thingnessАндреева Елизавета Алексеевна; Andreeva Elizaveta
2017Non-classical epistemology of a thing as a metaphysical projectДелиева Татьяна Алексеевна; Delieva Tatiana
2017The phenomenon of tragicomedy in the works of Georgiy Daneliya as illustrated by "Autumn Marathon" and "Mimino"Горбатова Мария Дмитриевна; Gorbatova Mariia
2017Sovereignty, freedom and political romanticism in the context of the 20th centuryБелоусова Ирина Вячеславовна; Belousova Irina
2018Strategies for the Representation of Philosophical Concepts in MoviesБоталова Анна Алексеевна; Botalova Anna