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2018Codes of Professional Ethics for Civil Servants and Local Government Employees in Russia: A Comparative AnalysisРатникова Юлия Сергеевна; Ratnikova Iuliia
2016Coordination as a problem of anti-drug activities in Russia (1993-2015)Мануйлова Анастасия Максимовна; Manuilova Anastasiia
2017Drug-related conflicts: The concept, types, structure, forms of resolutionКелипов Егор Евгеньевич; Kelipov Egor
2016Private bankruptcy in Russia as a conflict situation: Ways of prevention and institutionalizationЩуклин Сергей Дмитриевич; Shchuklin Sergey
2017The state and drug trafficking: A study of the PhilippinesХабаров Илья Вячеславович; Khabarov Ilia