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2017The activities of American insurance companies in Russia in the late 19th – early 20th centuriesПостникова Елена Вадимовна; Postnikova Elena
2017The coverage of terrorism in Russia and German quality pressРублева Людмила Андреевна; Rubleva Liudmila
2017Development aid as the PRC's foreign policy instrumentБезгина Антонина Геннадьевна; Bezgina Antonina
2017The Group of Twenty as a new format of international communication in the 21st centuryБыбочкина Анна Дмитриевна; Bybochkina Anna
2017The image of Russia in the media landscape of East Asian countries: Evidence from the mass media of China, South Korea and JapanПрудникова Анастасия Владимировна; Prudnikova Anastasiia
2017The influence of social networks on global political processes in the 21st centuryПопов Иван Сергеевич; Popov Ivan
2018International activities of Russian museums as a means of forming a positive image of the country abroadФедорова Наталья Александровна; Fedorova Natalia
2018Management of urbanization in the PRC: Theory and practiceЦинь Хаожань; Qin Haoran
2017Media images of leading right-wing political parties and forces of Europe in the Russian and European mediaТряпицына Екатерина Михайловна; Triapitsyna Ekaterina
2016The role of the Russian Far East in the Eurasian policy of the Russian Federation: Evaluation of prospectsПархаев Семён Алексеевич; Parkhaev Semyon
2017Russia in the Eurasian space: The increasing international influence of Russia as a BRICS memberАндрющенко Кира Андреевна; Andryushchenko Kira
2017Social and humanitarian significance of football mega-events in the early 21st centuryБушмелева Дарья Владимировна; Bushmeleva Daria
2017Soft power and its representation in social media: Evidence from Facebook, Twitter, and InstagramНикулин Клим Олегович; Nikulin Klim