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reviewSV_Polishhuk_A_A__rec.jpg.jpg2017The evolution of terrorism on the territory of the Republic of YemenПолищук Александр Андреевич; Polischchuk Aleksandr
reviewSV_recenziya-davletbaeva.jpg.jpg2018Experience in the formation and development of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC): 2010-2018Давлетбаева Диана Булатовна; Davletbaeva Diana
reviewSV_otzyv_nauchnogo_rukovoditelya-kostina3.jpg.jpg2017Foreign aid and African development: Problems and prospectsКостина Ксения Алексеевна; Kostina Kseniia
2016Foreign policy of Mongolia (1991 - 2014)Курбетьева Анастасия Олеговна; Kurbeteva Anastasiia
reviewSV_recenziya-shestopalov4.jpg.jpg2017The hardline-policy of the Latin American states to combat drug trafficking from 1999 till 2016Шестопалов Михаил Вячеславович; Shestopalov Mikhail
reviewSV_otzyv-timofeeva.jpg.jpg2018Hausa legends of cities' and states' originТимофеева Юлия Олеговна; Timofeeva Iuliia
reviewSV_recenziya-zabanova.jpg.jpg2018The history of Sino-African cooperation in the field of railway transport development at the present stage (based on periodicals and the media)Забанова Екатерина Викторовна; Zabanova Ekaterina
reviewSV_otzyv-pitelin.jpg.jpg2018International aspects of the fight against terrorism in the Federal Republic of NigeriaПителин Никита Олегович; Pitelin Nikita
reviewSV_recenziya-konovalova4.jpg.jpg2017National security policy of Paraguay after Alfredo Stroessner's dictatorshipКоновалова Ксения Александровна; Konovalova Ksenia
reviewSV_otzyv_nauchnogo_rukovoditelya-klimchak3.jpg.jpg2017The Somalia conflict and the role of external factors in its settlementКлимчак Анна Юрьевна; Klimchak Anna