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2019Creative clusters' work with youth in St.Petersburg and KrasnoyarskНехайчик Ольга Игоревна; Nehajcik Olga Igorevna
2018Measures of social support for families with children (at the regional level)Вельвына Виктория Владимировна; Velvyna Viktoriia
2017Migration policy of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan: comparative analysisСаввин Егор Викторович; Savvin Yegor
2018Social circus as a new form of solidarity in Russia: A case study of a sociocultural projectКоваленко Дарья Александровна; Kovalenko Daria
2018Voluntary health insurance as an innovative trend in social workАфанасьева Евгения Александровна; Afanaseva Evgeniia