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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Emulation and test check of digital devicesГусев Олег Александрович; Gusev Oleg
2018Generation of checking actions sequence for digital radio electronic devices as a part of test programs developmentМащинский Николай Сергеевич; Mashchinskii Nikolai
2016Joint optimisation of programme and perturbed motionМизинцева Мария Александровна
2018Modeling of electric fields in complex structuresПономарев Владимир Андреевич; Ponomarev Vladimir
2017Modelling and testing electronic devicesПушко Федор Александрович; Pushko Fedor
2016Modelling radio electronic device and check test actionsМащинский Николай Сергеевич; Maschinskiy Nikolay
2017Numerical simulation of beam dynamics in drift tube structuresСкуднова Ирина Сергеевна; Skudnova Irina
2016Numerical simulation of stationary charged particle flow dynamics in diodesМа-ю-шан Владислав Витальевич; Ma-iu-shan Vladislav
2016Optical flow method in the problem of velocity field constructionМакарова Анастасия Сергеевна; Makarova Anastasiia
2016Radio-electronic devices emulation and their test checkГоряева Мария Андреевна; Goriaeva Mariia
2016Test check of digital  devicesНуракунов Алишер; Nurakunov Alisher